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Michigan Crime Scene & Biohazard Cleanup Experts

Biohazard cleanup services that get you back to safety quickly

When your home or business has been through an environmental catastrophe, deadly crime, or other traumatic event, the last thing you should be worrying about is how to clean it up. Untrained individuals can experience unsafe conditions because they don’t know about potentially hazardous materials. These events can create a large mess, and often leave hazardous substances, it is imperative that you trust a local expert for all of your cleaning needs. Disaster MD is knowledgeable and certified to deal with all kinds of trauma and biohazard cleanup situations promptly and effectively.

Compassionate Crime Scene & Biohazard Cleanup Professionals

Disaster MD is a Michigan company, because of that we understand how a traumatic event can disrupt our community. Because of this we handle every trauma and biohazard cleanup job with sensitivity, compassion, and respect. We know that traumatic events can cause emotional distress, especially if there are reminders on your property, we remove these and anything else that might cause undue distress with full courtesy and the customer in mind. We are interested in helping our community recover both physically and psychologically.

Common Trauma, Biohazard & Crime Scene CleanUp Scenarios

The need for trauma cleanup can arise for many different reasons, including:

  • Industrial accidents that spread harmful chemicals or dangerous equipment around your property

  • Homicides, suicides and deadly accidents, leaving behind a mess that is both distressing to see and a source of disease

  • Properties that were previously used to manufacture dangerous drugs or store dangerous chemicals

  • Environmental disasters that harm air, water and soil quality to the point that your property isn’t safe to set foot in

  • Sewer backups that result in raw sewage or human waste in your property

Thorough Trauma & Biohazard Cleanup for Hazardous Chemicals & Pathogens

Since diseases, poisons, and toxins are invisible to the naked eye it is hard to tell is a traumatized property is safe or not. Just because you cannot see the danger doesn’t mean it isn’t there and you shouldn’t be tempted to re-enter the property just because it looks safe. Disaster MD’s professional biohazard cleanup teams can quickly assess your home or business and make sure that all hazards have been dealt with and it is safe to return to your property.

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From water to fire we can restore your property efficiently and get things back to normal.

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