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Michigan Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfection

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

COVID-19 is the respiratory disease causing the pandemic of 2020. This situation poses a serious public health risk. While the CDC and WHO recommend to Stay At Home to avoid spreading or catching the disease, essential businesses and essential workers are still at risk. Disaster MD Restoration Services are here to provide our services to maintain the health and safety of homes and businesses needing coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting services.

Coronavirus and Disinfecting Services

When your home or business has been affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Disaster MD understand the health and safety of everyone is on the line. Untrained individuals can experience unsafe conditions because they don’t know about potentially hazardous materials. Our OSHA, IICRC, ICRA certified technicians use CDC approved and EPA registered industrial strength disinfectants and fully encapsulated personal protective equipment with full-face respirator masks. Disaster MD is knowledgeable and certified to deal with all kinds of trauma and biohazard cleanup situations promptly and effectively.

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